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Partnering with Working Professionals

Driven to Improve Their Future

Does This Sound Like You?


High Earner in your 30's or 40's driven toward growing your wealth.

Life is exciting! You are caught up in a successful personal and professional life. But with that comes financial complexities and the need to balance today's priorities with tomorrow's goals.

You may be asking yourself questions such as: 

  • How do we allocate our financial resources among competing goals?
  • What's the best strategy for our equity compensation?
  • Do we have an adequate savings plan?
  • Should we prioritize investing or paying off debt?
  • Do we have an appropriate investment strategy
  • How can we minimize our taxes?
  • Can we put money toward our kids college education?
We will work through each of your concerns, creating a plan that addresses what is most important to you and adjusting as your life continues to change and progress.


Elderly Couple

5-10 years away from enjoying retirement on your terms. 

You have experienced a financially rewarding career and are starting to think about a transition to retirement.

However, you may lack the confidence and understanding of what that looks like financially. You may have concerns such as: 

  • Can we successfully retire and not run out of money?
  • Will we be able to maintain our current lifestyle?
  • How does our investment strategy need to change?
  • Where will we receive our retirement income from?
  • When should we claim social security?
  • Are our estate plans in good order?
  • How can we minimize our taxes
Fortunately, you do not have to answer these questions on your own. We will work together to make sure you feel confident about your transition into retirement and are able to enjoy this special time! 

Together, We’ll Bring Intention and Understanding to Your Financial Life

During your peak-earning years, financial questions seem to only add up while your circumstances and goals are constantly changing. As you articulate your vision for your life, I’ll work closely with you to craft a plan that can make these aspirations a reality.

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Seem Like We’d Be a Good Fit?

I’m here to guide you through the financial complexity that high-earning professionals often experience. If it seems like we’d be a good fit, I encourage you to reach out to chat.

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