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Don't Pay More In Taxes Than You Need!

Taxes are one of the largest expenses that you will have over the course of your life.

But there are ways you may be able to lower your taxes, not just on an annual basis, but over your lifetime.

Unlike a CPA who will tell you what you owe, we look for unique tax planning opportunities on an annual basis. 

Tax planning is more than just IRA/401(k) contributions. Strategies that may benefit you include:

  • Health Savings Account for those with a high deductible health plan: triple tax benefit!
  • Flexible Savings Account: health and dependent care accounts
  • Roth conversions
  • Mega-backdoor Roth conversions through your 401(k)
  • Tax-efficient investing
  • Small business retirement plans: SEP-IRA, solo 401(k), Simple IRA.
  • Charitable donations or Donor Advised Funds
  • And more!

Tax planing requires a proactive approach to not only lower your taxes today, but to create flexible income opportunities in retirement to increase your after-tax cash flow.

Want to learn more about the tax planning opportunities you may be missing? Schedule a free introductory call to learn more about how we can help you!