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A Collaborative Process

Focused on What You Want to Accomplish

The Journey to your Financial Crest



Initial Conversation

Let’s learn more about one another and see if your needs align with our services.

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Goal Discovery

Every individual and family situation is unique. In this step, we’ll work together to uncover whats most important, your concerns, needs, goals and dreams.



Financial Organization

In order to achieve any goal, one must know where they are starting and where they want to go. Here, we’ll gather and organize all of your financial information so that we have a clear understanding of where this journey is starting from.



Plan Construction

With an understanding of where things currently stand and what you hope to achieve, we can create an action plan on how to get there.



Delivery & Implementation

We are now ready to takes steps in implementing your plan. This will be a joint process in which certain actions will be taken by you and others by CWA. Implementing a plan can take time, so ideally we would tackle the most pressing issues first and proceed from there.



Monitor & Adjust

The work is not done once the plan is created. Life is full of twists and turns. Financial planning is an ongoing journey which will requires constant monitoring, updating and adjusting. And if CWA is managing your investments, then there will be continual portfolio monitoring, reporting, and rebalancing.

We believe in the power of a proactive approach, so you can expect…

  • Semi-annual meetings
  • Ongoing investment management
  • Regular outreach about financial issues
  • Online access to your financial information
  • Access anytime via email, phone or meetings

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