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Your Partner For A Confident Financial Journey

Helping Individuals & Families in the mid-to-late stages of their career

Invest Wisely | Plan Intentionally | Live Confidently

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Planning & Investment Solutions Aligning Your Money With Your Life's Goals.

At Crest Wealth Advisors, our mission is to bring clarity and intention to your financial strategy, helping you feel confident that you have the right financial partner to build, manage and preserve your wealth. We understand that money is complex and a frequent cause of stress. If we can help to eliminate that feeling and free up more of your time to enjoy life and stress less, then we are doing our job! 

We collaborate to determine what areas are of utmost importance to you, seek ways to maximize your financial opportunities and ensure you make informed financial decisions at every step. We design a plan intended to meet your short-and long-term goals, because life isn't just about saving for tomorrow, it is also about enjoying today!

Ways We Help Bring Organization and Intention to Your Financial Life:

  • Identify financial strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Manage the best use of cash flow for accomplishing various goals.
  • Design and manage an investment strategy aligned with your needs and goals. 
  • Maximize your retirement planning opportunities to create future flexibility. 
  • Seek tax planning opportunities to help you save money now and in the future.  
  • Design an education funding plan utilizing the most beneficial account types. 
  • Assist in navigating equity compensation decisions: RSU's, Stock Options, ESPP's
  • Protect your loved ones with insurance and estate planning analysis. 

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      Who We Help

      Our clients have busy personal & professional lives and seek to partner with an expert while being educated along the way. Most of the people we help are in the mid-stage of their career facing more complex financial situations or 5-10 years away from retirement and seeking a plan to achieve a successful transition. 

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      What We Do

      We provide investment management services coupled with a deep level of planning on all areas of your financial life. Our planning process creates a framework to help make intentional financial decisions aimed to reduce taxes, create a successful retirement and make the most of your hard earned money. 

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      Why We're Different

      Crest Wealth Advisors is an independent, fiduciary, fee-only wealth management firm. We do not sell financial products or receive commissions, eliminating many conflicts of interest. We are devoted to helping you get the most out of your money aligning your decisions with your life's goals. 

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      Jason Dall'Acqua, CFP® & Founder 


      I am a born and raised Annapolitan, husband, father and a finance enthusiast whose mission is to help hard working families be more intentional with their financial management and align the use of their financial resources with their life's goals. 

      My Why: You may have noticed the use of the word intentional several times by now. That is because I believe that bringing intention to every decision is the best way to live - with money and in other facets of life - and will result in a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. 

      I have seen first hand - both while in the industry and beforehand - the impact that consistent, intentional decisions can have on creating and keeping wealth. It is a simple concept, but difficult to repeatedly implement on one's own. That is why intentionality is at the core of every decision that we make, from every investment choice to planning recommendation. All with the goal of creating the life you want. 

      Professional: I entered the financial advisory industry in 2012 after obtaining a degree in Economics from The University of Maryland. I am a Certified Financial Planner™ and a member of numerous industry organizations, including as NAPFA, XY Planning Network and more. 

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