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    Bringing organization and direction to your financial strategy, investments and tax planning.

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Welcome to Crest Wealth Advisors

Financial Planning and Investment Management to align your money with your life goals

Do you find financial management to be complicated and ask yourself a lot of questions about whether you are doing it right? At Crest Wealth Advisors, we help make sense of what you have and maximize your planning opportunities, eliminating any uncertainty and providing piece of mind about your financial decisions. Working as your partner, we create a personalized financial plan and investment strategy to meet your short- and long-term goals, because life isn’t just about saving for tomorrow… it’s also about enjoying the journey!


We serve as a partner to families and individuals at all stages of their financial journeys. However, we specialize in working with high-earning families with kids and people nearing or living in retirement. We take a comprehensive approach to ensure all aspects of your financial life are well cared for and helping you achieve your personal financial goals.

High-Earning, Mid-Career Professionals

As a high-earning professional, you face unique financial challenges related to tax planning, saving, investing and protecting your loved ones. We help maximize your financial planning so you have more time to focus on your loved ones and career.


The years leading up to retirement provide a great opportunity to refocus on your long-term financial goals and make headway toward achieving your desired retirement lifestyle. We help you prepare for retirement and gain the confidence of knowing you’re on track to retire on your terms.


The financial planning process doesn’t end when you reach retirement. In fact, once you’ve retired, it’s more important than ever to maximize your monthly income, minimize your taxes and make a plan to achieve your legacy goals. We serve as a partner in optimizing your finances throughout retirement as your life evolves over time.

Our Services


A plan to coordinate all aspects of your financial life and address questions and changes along the way.


Understand when to retire, how to be invested, how to generate retirement income, when to take social security and more.


Strategy to help keep taxes lower today and into retirement.


A personalized investment strategy aligned with your goals.

Meet Our Founder

Jason Dall’Acqua, CFP®

Founder & Advisor

Hi, I’m Jason Dall’Acqua. I am a husband, a father and a business owner who is extremely passionate about helping people better understand their money and the best path forward to achieving their goals. I founded Crest Wealth Advisors to do things differently – provide personalized strategy on all aspects of ones financial picture while maintaining an unparalleled level of customer care. I feel confident in saying we are achieving that goal!

I enjoy getting to know each client on a deep level, which is important for creating the best plan forward. I view each relationship as a partnership. Through that partnership, I am responsible for creating the strategy, helping to implement the strategy (along with the client) and looking out for opportunities to take advantage of or mistakes to avoid before they occur.

On a personal note, I am a born and raised Annapolitan, golfer, Ravens fan, water enthusiast (hence the business name and branding) and most importantly a dad to an amazing (and energetic) little boy.

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