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Your Journey. Your Plan.

Guidance to get from where you are to where you want to go

Financial planning is about helping you make informed and intentional decisions to move you closer toward your short-and long-term goals. Planning allows for you to move confidently through life as you face one financial decision after another. 

We start by organizing and outlining your current situation. This provides us with the framework to assess what's working well, where there are opportunities for improvement and to create an actionable strategy forward. We help manage every aspect of your financial life. Your plan will consist of a written strategy to keep us on track, an interactive online dashboard to assist in decision making and personal guidance on anything that comes your way.

Planning should be proactive, not reactive

We believe in delivering a proactive, hands on planning experience. In doing so we are better able to plan for what may lie ahead and avoid costly mistakes that could derail your plan. Through semi-annual meetings and frequent communication, we will ensure that we stay on top of all areas of your financial life, helping to maximize cash-flow, minimize taxes and grow your wealth. 

Planning services cover a wide range of topics:


Cash Flow Management

We help ensure your cash flow is being effectively directed toward your goals and working for you. 


Debt Management

Not all debts are created equal. We prioritize reducing the bad debts while leveraging good debts. 



A disciplined investment strategy aligned with your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. 



Planning to keep more of whats yours and to minimize taxes over the course of your lifetime.


Retirement Planning

Long-term planning to maximize opportunities aimed at achieving your dream retirement while not running out of money.

Graduation Cap

Education Planning

Creating a plan for how much to save, types of accounts to use and how to invest over this shorter time horizon. 


Insurance Analysis

Protect your assets and your loved ones by ensuring you are adequately protected with no gaps in your coverage.


Estate Strategy

Make sure your money is passed down to the places you want it going to in the most efficient way possible. 

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Staying connected to your financial goals helps ensure your progress.

When working with Crest Wealth Advisors you can expect regular outreach, semi-annual meetings and a client dashboard providing you with up to date planning and investment information. 

You will have ongoing access to financial guidance via phone, video conference, email or additional meetings as needed.

We believe that a proactive and engaged approach is key to seeing that your dreams become reality and that progress is continually being made. 

Better financial decisions start here!

The first step to a better future is a brief conversation to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

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