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Investment Management

We provide fiduciary advisory services to help you Crest
the wave of your financial life

Investment Management

A good investment strategy works in alignment with your financial plan.

We create your personalized investment policy statement which is our guide for building a diversified portfolio aligned to your needs. We consider all of your accounts as we develop a tax-efficient, low-cost investment allocation to pursue your goals.

We serve as an independent investment advisor, which means we are not tied to any specific investment products or companies. Our independence allows us to evaluate the entire investment universe. Our primary investment vehicles are active and passive Mutual Funds and ETF’s.

Our investment management services include all research, trading, rebalancing, reporting, handling account opening and deposits/withdrawals, retirement account funding and more.

Characteristics of our investment approach include:

  • Creating an asset allocation aligned to your risk tolerance and financial goals
  • Maintaining a long-term, disciplined investment approach – No market timing
  • Diversifying across asset classes, sectors and geographical regions
  • Building a low-cost portfolio to keep more money in your pocket
  • Investing in a tax-efficient manner
  • Opportunistically rebalancing to maintain your desired allocation and risk level

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