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Transparent Cost

A Fee-Only Fiduciary Focused on Your Needs

At Crest Wealth Advisors, your fee is clear and easy to understand. As a fee-only advisor, we are paid by you, the client. We do not receive commissions or sell any investment products. All recommendations are based on what is in your best interest.

A Fee Structure Tailored to Your Circumstances


Wealth Management

For clients with over $300,00 in assets under management. Financial planning services included at no additional cost.

Fee Schedule Based on Assets Under Management

Annual Advisory Fee

Assets Under Management

0.95% on assets from

$0 - $1,000,000

0.75% on the next

$1,000,001 - $2,000,000

0.60% on the next

$2,000,001 - $3,000,000

0.45% on the next

$3,000,001 - $4,000,000


Wealth Enhancement

For clients with less than $300,000 in assets under management. Management on up to $300,000 included at no additional cost. 

Fee Schedule
  • Individuals
    • Upfront fee: $1,000
    • Ongoing monthly fee, starting upon plan delivery: $225
  • Couples
    • Upfront fee: $1,500
    • Ongoing monthly fee, starting upon plan delivery: $275

Wondering If We’re a Good Fit, or Have a Question About Our Fees?

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