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A Personalized Investment Strategy

That Goes Hand-in-Hand with Your Financial Plan

Investing Can Feel Overwhelming. It Does Not Have To Be That Way. 

Your investments require attention and a disciplined  strategy aligned with your objectives. Many individuals do not know where to begin when selecting investments. And how should you with so many options. We will work together to craft your personal Investment Policy Statement which is the framework for how your strategy is formed and managed. 

By applying diligent research and a simple, yet effective approach, my goal is to see that your investments are working as efficiently as possible to reach your long-term goals. You will feel informed about how your hard earned money is invested while passing off the day-to-day work to me.

What’s Included in Investment Management


Portfolio design

A portfolio aligned with your goals, values and risk tolerance


Professional oversight

Implementation, monitoring, quarterly reporting and adjusting as needed


Tax-conscious investing

A tax-aware approach, helping you keep more money in your pocket


Risk management 

A well-diversified portfolio aimed at balancing return and risk


Portfolio rebalancing

Periodic rebalancing to manage fluctuations in the  asset allocation

Pension Plan Consulting

In addition to personal investment management services, Crest Wealth Advisors also provides pension plan services. This service includes assistance with plan construction, investment selection and monitoring and participant education. 

My Investment Philosophy

Founded on evidence and focused on the long-term.

The 8 Tenets of My Approach

Review Your Investment Strategy Today

Find out if your portfolio is aligned with your objectives.

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