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2021 Blogs

What to do with your 401k when changing jobs
A job change can be an exciting time. Hopefully your switch was for good reasons such as a promot…
What to consider when receiving an inheritance
Receiving an Inheritance from a non-spouse individual Receiving an inheritance can be a very emot…
What is a fee-only financial advisor
Fee-Only Advisor Have you heard the term before? Perhaps you have and that is what brought you to…
How to avoid taxes when investing
Taxes and Your Investments Do you truly enjoy paying taxes? I am going to assume that your answer…
Deciding whether to payoff debt or invest excess cash
Should we prioritize paying down debt or investing? This is one of the most common questions I re…
Avoid These Common Retirement Planning Mistakes
Nearing retirement, your thoughts may start to drift farther and farther away from the job at han…